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HD Camera model ICD-HD910A - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
HD Camera model ICD-HD910A


HD Camera model ICD-HD910A

Code: 000245
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Brand: HD Camera model ICD-HD910A
Model: ICD-HD910A



Super High Definition Video

With 1/2.5 inch, 2.5 Million pixel high quality

HD CMOS transducer , achieve 1920 x 1080

super high quality video.


10x optical zoom

Fast, accurate and stable auto focus lens, 10 x

optical zoom.


Wide range, high speed and low noise

pan/tilt rotation. Step motor driving, smooth

rotation and user friendly without dithering.

Moving to the appointed position quickly and

accurately, meanwhile, shooting large area.


High definition multiple video output format.

Offer 1080i format full HD video to different

application. Support multi format video output

from SD to HD.


RS-232 remote controller (VISCA protocol)

Rs-232C(VISCATM protocol) interface: All

setting of camera and pan/tilt/zoom can be

speedy remote controlled.


10 preset position

10 preset position, preset pan, tilt, zoom,

focus position, exposal mode and white

balance. Preset data never lost when power

is off.


Multi-function remote controller

Match with easy and convenient remote

controller , to set the camera and control